Digitalization Vol. 3: The Rise of the Virtual Lab — Ecosystems

Digitalization Vol. 3: The Rise of the Virtual Lab — Ecosystems
Date & Time
Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM
(UTC+01:00) Berlin, Bern

“The Bio Revolution” fosters innovations which transform not only our economies, but our societies, and all our lives [1]. At the same time digitization sparked a fourth industrial revolution, which is based on the rapid exponential development of new digital technologies [2]. Consumer-centric digital ecosystems are emerging across the world in response to these fundamental forces. Those two tendencies are not mutual to one another, but effect and reinforce each other. This results in a faster convergence between research & development, scalable production, and digital services. You as a scientist are an important parts of the new evolving ecosystem.

Join our upcoming webinar and learn how you can enhance your lab environment and bridge the gap between R&D and production by means of digital solutions. Eppendorf provides an integrated portfolio comprising software, instruments, consumables, and services, which can satisfy the demands of your research. Since monitoring and control is key in some fields, e.g. bioprocess development to ensure the process environment for optimum cell growth and high-titer production, we provide in-depth data and information regarding the influencing process parameters, to develop economical and process related KPIs.

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[2] Kagermann, H.; Anderl, R.; Gausemeier, J.; Schuh, G.; Wahlster, W.: Industrie 4.0 im globalen Kontext: Strategien der Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Partnern. Hrsg.: acatech - Deutsche Akademie der, T. Herbert Utz Verlag, München, 2016.



Simon Wieninger, Business Manager Digital Solutions

Creating digital solutions to empower scientist and biotech companies to make the most of their lab work. This is the core goal Simon pursues as the Business Manager Digital Solutions at Eppendorf. Having a background in strategic consultancy within different industries, he always focuses on the value created for customers. Simon received his Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University, with the center his research being on Strategic Management, Business Transformation and Business Ecoystems.

Simon Wieninger, Eppendorf SE
Simon Wieninger

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