Optimize Your Bioprocess – From Shake Flask to Bioreactor

Optimize Your Bioprocess – From Shake Flask to Bioreactor
Date & Time
Thursday, December 21, 2023, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
(UTC+01:00) Berlin, Bern

Bioreactors and shakers are used to cultivate microorganisms, plant, insect, and mammalian cells in different volumes. Upscaling of production often involves shake flasks and bioreactors. Shake flasks are used for bioreactor inoculum production and are an easy-to-use instrument for early process development like organism screening and media design. At the next process steps, highly controllable bioreactors are needed for flexible solutions, automated process control, and predictable scalability when larger quantities of cells are required. The challenge during upscaling is to keep a constant efficiency and quality during all process steps.

In this webinar, we will depict the typical applications of shakers and bioreactors in an upscaling bioprocess. We will highlight applicational differences and factors that influence cultivation and system transition. Furthermore, we will introduce to you the basic components of a bioreactor and the various process parameters that can be controlled. Finally, we will go through different process strategies to further optimize a process and increase production.

Ines Hartmann, Eppendorf SE
Igor Vassilev, Eppendorf Bioprocess Center
Ines Hartmann Igor Vassilev

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